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Each Other

We’re excited to admit our summer camp crush–for the next couple months, we’re sneaking into Each Other's bunk bed biweekly. Who knows, perhaps we’ll eventually head off to college and see other people, but periodically tumble into Each Other: old flames catching up over winter break. For now, let’s just live for the moment and embrace Each Other.


The first time we held hands with Each Other, we were inspired by the refined “Sunday Supper” tasting dinners they’ve been holding at Sol's On the Square the past few months. So we invited Megan, Tim, Mike and Jacob to the bar for a “Staff Meal & Shift Drinks” industry party. Whether you were back of house, front of house, or simply a familiar barstool resident; we all ate well, drank out of deli containers and shared the dance floor. We’re thrilled to continue harnessing the energy and elation of that first collaboration, with the Each Other summer residency. Stop by these dates for seasonal food, paired with frosty drinks and great music.

**Monday, July 11th [TONIGHT]

**Monday, July 25th

**Monday, August 8th

**EACH OTHER takes fancy hiatus

**Monday, August 29th

We kick it off tonight with Each Other slingin’ family meal upstairs at 8pm, while Beau spins the hits and rocks a fly outfit. Wet your whistle downstairs with Pineapple Handshakes, Schlitz, Modelos, and shots for cheap all night. Roger will make you dessert if you ask nicely.

Earlier Event: August 27
DJ Lauden
Later Event: September 4
COPPER & KINGS House Party