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Wheated Bourbon Class: Well(er) to Van Winkle

A few things about bourbon are non-negotiable: corn is the dominant grain (at least 51%), fresh distillate gets aged in new charred American oak barrels, and so on. Those broad strokes cemented Bourbon as an iconic American spirit. In this class, we’ll learn how distillers color within those broad strokes by subtly tweaking the supporting cast of grain. We’ll reference some other styles of whiskey, but mostly we’ll enjoy the nuanced possibility afforded by adding just a “whisper of wheat” to a bourbon mashbill.

Tickets are available from your favorite Gib's bartender, or via Picatic:

Why might a wheated bourbon be the ideal gateway for your amaretto-sour-addled friend? Wizened old distillers insist the vast majority of bourbon peaks around 8 years in a barrel, so why do cherished wheaters like Van Winkle take so well to further aging? We'll explore these questions as we make a few cocktails and sample the following:

**Buffalo Trace

**Bernheim Wheat

**J. Henry

**Old Fitzgerald Bonded

**Maker’s Mark Cask Strength

**Weller 12yr

**William Larue Weller Antique Collection

**Van Winkle 15yr

Small plate snacks from Grampa’s Pizzeria will be provided.

Earlier Event: February 3
DJ Nathan Port
Later Event: February 5
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